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“We welcome you to join ISTANBUL PHOTOBOOK FESTIVAL which will take place in Istanbul between 12-15 September 2018. You are invited to discover a different festival through new forms of storytelling and fresh perspectives that you will witness in the field of PHOTOBOOK which is the independent mode of circulation for contemporary photography.”


Turkey’s first and only PHOTOBOOK Festival which is organised by FUAM since 2015 will be held at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University,  Fındıklı Campus & MSGSU Tophane-I Amire Culture & Arts Center in Istanbul.


“You are invited to a very special festival where you can explore PHOTOBOOKs from all over the world, with new stories and new perspectives.”


Istanbul Photobook Festival aims to bring together photobook production institutions, independent non-profit groups and self-publishers, to increase the visibility and exposure of young & emerging artists from Turkey who are producing in the field of contemporary photography, and to connect the domestic and international audience.


As Turkey’s first photobook festival, Istanbul Photobook Festival will be held for the fourth time in Turkey, attended by international photobook designers, photobook editors, self-publishing photographers and publishing houses. Within the program, there will be international photobook exhibitions along with seminars, artist talks and photobook reviews conducted by festival invitees.


In addition, with the support of MAS Printing House, FUAM DUMMY BOOK AWARD will be given for the fourth time with the aim of strengthening the photobook scene in Turkey with the sponsorship of MAS Printing House.