It is a source of excitement for us to meet with fresh views and the new story forms that you will witness in the photobook medium -the independent circulation method of contemporary photography, to augment your experiences by combining them and to create an infrastructure for emerging artists and curators.


The book form became one of the principal forms of contemporary photography by attracting both the artist and the viewer with its palpable nature. The electronic age, while allowing infinite reproduction and access opportunities, created a margin between the artist and the viewer. The book form however, neglected this distance by allowing the ownership of an edition of the art piece. Permanence and dissemination, ability to tell a story through series of works caused books to become principal form of contemporary photography.


The photobook while allowing a cheap, fast, decent and accessible medium for artists who are in need of independent platforms; material and editing came into prominence. Photobooks, while creating diversity in content and form, also enabled these pieces to become collectible objects in the art world.


The "Photobooks of the World" will be the main photobook exhibition of the the fourth Istanbul Photobook Festival. This exhibition will be a platform where all the photobooks produced all over the world are gathered and exhibited together. 


We are curiously waiting for your published or self-published photobooks to join the gathering. Let's meet in Istanbul!



After filling the online registation form below you need to pay the participation fee of 12€ (including %18 TAX) from following the steps written in the APPPY button in the menu bar. After you have to send the physical copy of your book to the address given. Please do not forget to post also your online payment receipt with your book.


Terms of References:

  1. There’s no age limit.

  2. International applications are accepted.

  3. The dummy books or published books of the participating artists may have participated, exhibited, been finalists or won other book festival contests and awards.

  4. Books could be self-published or published to participate in the exhibition.

  5. To apply, after filling the online form below to register than process the correct amount of payment via link from the APPLY button in the menu bar.

  6. The physical copies of the books should be sent to the address written below by post with the online payment reciept.

  7. The deadline of the arrival of the books is 01st September 2019.

  8. The books will be exhibited in the “ PHOTOBOOKS OF THE WORLD EXHIBITION ” exhibition within the 4th Istanbul Photobook Festival, and will be included in the FUAM Photo Book Library Collection after the exhibition as a donation.

  9. For the ones who wants to receive back their books after the exhibition should pay the correct additional reshipment fee during the payment. (The reshipment fee could be different depending on the location.)

  10. The applications which are violating the terms of references will not be evaluated.



Please fill in the form below to register to apply to the “PHOTOBOOKS OF THE WORLD EXHIBITION” in Istanbul Photobook Festival 2018.


Application Fees: (including %18 TAX)

For 1 book €12

For 2 books €20

For 3 books €24

Reshipment of the dummy books: (including %18 TAX):
For Europe and Middle East: +€15
For Asia, North, and South America, Africa: +€20
For Australia and New Zealand: +€25


for Photobooks of the World Exhibition

Thank you for your registration!

To finish the application for Photobooks of the World Exhibition 2019 with 1  photobook, please use the APPLY button below for the payment

Photobooks of the World Exhibition 2019 sergisine başvurunuzu tamamlamak için 1  kitap ile başvur linkine tıklayınız.