FUAM Dummy Book Award 2018


David Campany

Kazuma Obara

Myrto Steirou

Yusuf Murat Şen

Ufuk Şahin

FUAM Dummy Book Award Winner

RHOME is a journey through the multiple microcosms of Rome, our city of adoption. Far from a stereotyped and tourist-friendly image, the book focuses on the most intimate and surprising side of the city. People, places and situations, forming a dense connective tissue, a mycelium of existences.


Rhome is the second chapter of the "Cities Series" (after Naples, with the book "Forcella")

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Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccini

MASA/FUAM editions

500 copies - trade book

Hard Cover 148 pages

Black and white duotone pictures

Munken Pure paper

17,5 X 23 cm

Foreword: David Campany

FUAM Dummy Book Award 2nd Prize

Situated between fiction and observational documentation, Kick It Out and Kill It (2018) invokes a hope that female desire and sexuality can have their own forms of expression.

The protagonist’s notion of romance is queried and then eradicated through vignettes of anticipation, encounter, elation, pain, and disillusionment. As the subject of many of the images, Hua’s body appears simultaneously as unmediated self and disembodied protagonist. To bridge her dual roles as artist and subject, Hua literally punctures the picture plane through a series of plates showing gradations of color from orange to red made by the artist’s fingers pressing against the camera lens.

This tactile insertion lets the narrative unfold as a fraught emotional experience that engages with the vicissitudes of encountering another sex.

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Kick It Out and Kill It (2018)
Qinrui Hua


90 pages
26 x 21 x 1.3 cm

Edition of 5

FUAM Dummy Book Award 3rd Prize


FUAM Dummy Book Award Special Prize

Growing up in Northern California with horticulturalist parents, Yosemite National Park was my family’s Mecca, and in September of 1998 we took our first pilgrimage there. We stayed at the Cedar Lodge, a roadside motel. I returned to the park years later as a teenager pursuing my love of photography, excited to channel Ansel Adams and the other greats who came before me, in the birthplace of landscape photography. It’s hard for me to comprehend human horrors in Yosemite, one of the most majestic natural places on this planet.

In 2014, my mom revealed that during our idyllic childhood vacation a man tried to break into our motel room in the middle of the night. My dad scared him away by yelling; my sister and I slept through the whole thing. Five months after our trip, four women were brutally murdered in Yosemite. Three of the women, a mother and two teenage girls, had disappeared from the Cedar Lodge. The confessed killer was the handyman there.

My mom didn't have the tools to process this encounter and the twist of fate that spared our family, and so the guilt and grief festered within her for fifteen years. Learning that four women were killed in a place I considered paradise was confounding, but that I could have been one of them wasn’t something I could shake off or even really understand. I just knew I couldn’t keep these feelings building within me, like my mom had. My tool for delving into myself has always been my art.

Through research and the gathering of images, I began to lay out the disjointed narratives that crossed paths at the Cedar Lodge. To understand and illustrate my place within, or rather alongside the tragedy, my connection and my disconnect, I made collages: fracturing, obscuring, and layering images that included the photos that my parents had taken in 1998 and my teenage landscapes. I approached the project from varying perspectives because of my own confusion, but also to illustrate that this wasn’t really my story. This is not my trauma; we survived. The trauma I saw my mom go through does not compare to that of the families who lost their sisters, daughters, mothers.

To complete this project, I returned to The Cedar Lodge. I studied it closely and made new images of it. It’s terrifying to come so close to a nightmare, but I found that as I put it on paper where I could see it, the history of the place became less of a threat. Yosemite and the Cedar Lodge became beautiful again.

Shortlisted Books

Yoshikatsu Fuji -Hiroshima Graph, Rabbits Abandon Their Children - JP

Ksenia Sidorova - Simplex - RU

Thi My Lien Nguyen - Hieu Thao, With Love and Respect - CH

Timothy Wee - In (Coherence) The Anthropocene - SG

Tamsin Green -Born of the Pirest Parents - GB

Elena Malysheva - Take Away - RU

Erik Gustafsson - This is Farewell - SE

Jean Marc Caimi / Valentina Piccinni - Rhome - IT

Lilia Li-Mi-Yan/ Katherina Sadovsky- Post Marble- RU

Cristiano Volk - Sinking Stone - IT

Hiro Tanaka - Around 42nd and 7th In New York - JP

Eva Vidal - Materia Barionica - ES

Celine Croze - Nothing Happened - FR

Maya Maissner - The Cedar Lodge- USA

Cengiz Bodur - Once Terrace One City Two Sunsets - TR

Halil Ünay - Zoo - TR

İsmet Örs - Like Me - TR

M. Cevahir Akbaş - Hidden - TR

Bekir Dindar - Karabiga - TR

Sevil Alkan - Stray Dog - TR

Sinem Dişli - Rutubet - TR

Şener Yılmaz Aslan - Dimming Nights - Karartma Geceleri - TR

Murat Akbayrak - Monkey Wrench - İngiliz Anahtarı - TR

Qinrui Hua - Kick It Out and Kill It - CN

Nina Viviana Cangialosi - The Snow Abides - IT

Alp Esin - Scratch and Win - TR

Cansu Yıldıran - TR

Oğulcan Arslan - Unsafe -TR

Alice Hamon - Champs Libres - FR

Bahadır Aksan - Daffodil - TR

FUAM Dummy Book Award 2017


Martin Parr 
Federica Chiocchetti 
Jason Fulford  
Aron Mörel  
Markus Schaden 
Dieter Neubert 
Ufuk Şahin 
Valentina Abenavoli 

FUAM Dummy Book Award Winner

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Wet Sorrow

MASA editions

500 copies 

Hard Cover 92 pages

21 X 31 cm

FUAM Special Prize Winner

“Kagerou: the heat haze, a lake in the desert, decay heat powered by the nuclear radiation, invisible, pervasive. It was 12 March 2011. The day after Fukushima nuclear disaster, I woke up in a shrouded Tokyo: the cityscape looked blurred and twisted. Nobody else seemed to notice: for 37 million people it was business as usual. Compared to the visible devastation of the tsunami, the invisible hazard of contamination seemed to belong to another world.


The ghostly exclusion zone surrounding Fukushima Daichii nuclear plant felt more real, the danger was showing its consequences. The nature was starting to reclaim the town. it felt like walking in a floating world painting, everything was silent.


Two years later I had a beautiful son. With his mother, we are still wondering the effect of radiation while exposed in her womb.”


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Kagerou​, Yusuke Takagi


Hand-made Hardcover
80 pages B/W
17,5 x 20cm
Linen Book cloth with tipped-in picture
Glued inserts
Offset printing on Munken Pure
Limited edition of 250 copies

Shortlisted Books 2017

Amiko Li // Maiden Voyage, CN
Anastasia Soboleva // Tear Line, RU
Ann Massal // The Eye Of The Cyclops, FR
Bekir Dindar// Ada, TR
Berkay Yahya // Taş, TR
Blair Kitchener // Duplex City, NZ
Bradley Secker // Kütmaan, UK
Camilla Pongiglione // The Paradox Of The Heart Attack Of A Cardiologist As Told By His Daughter, IT
Cansu Yıldıran // Ander, TR
Cemil Batur Gökçeer // Şeffaf Mağara, TR
Cengiz Bodur // Shiny And Rusty, TR
Desislava Şenay Martinova // Pelepes, TR/BG
Elton Gllava // Where The Crows Would Have Sung, AL
Fatih Kurçeren // Benim Deutschland, TR/DE
Giorgio Caione // She Dreamt About A Valley In The Caucasus, IT
Hiro Tanaka // Around 42nd and 7th, JA
Ishan Tankha // A Peal Of Spring Thunder, IN
Karolina Gembara // When We Lie Down, Grasses Grow From Us, PO
Karton Kitap // Kumpanya, TR
Kazuhiko Matsumura // My Transmigration, JA
Kazuya Urakawa // Tokyo Perspective, JA
Keiji Fujimoto // Forget Me Not, JA
Malgorzata Stankiewicz // Cry Of An Echo, PO
Marina Berio // The Space In The Mind In The Body The Space, IT/USA
Mayumi Suzuki // The Restoration Will, JA
M Cevahir Akbaş // Dilemma, TR
Naz Önen // Dance Floor, TR
Olga Titova // Pride, RU
Rossella Castello // Sonder, IT
Stefano Reboli // Zima, IT
Zeynep Beler // Hurtling Through Space, TR
Zümrüt Cavusoglu // Bana Dokunan Yılan, Ölsün, TR

FUAM Dummy Book Award 2016



Sébastien GIRARD

Olivier CABLAT 

Frederic LEZMI

Sebastian Arthur HAU

FUAM Dummy Book Award Winner

Agora is an attempt to make a comparative analysis of a group of public squares in İstanbul.

The work investigates how squares -the most significant public spaces in the city- have emerged and transformed over time, how they are currently used and how city dwellers express themselves through them. Each photograph in the series is taken from an elevated vantage point of about twenty meters high, aiming to explore the relationship between the built environment and its users without a hierarchical order.

Agora was first shown at the Venice Biennale 14th International Architecture Exhibition, Pavilion of Turkey in 2014.

Each exhibited print size was 185 x 150 cm.

This book was produced during the workshop conducted by Matthieu Charon and Remi Faucheu, as part of the photo book project of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2016


Agora #04


Serkan Taycan

REC Collective,  2017

19cm x 22cm

Cardboard Cover, 
112 Pages, 55 images

FUAM Dummy Book Award Winner

A strong series of photographs is an ongoing visual dialogue. Each photo speaks to the one before it and the one after it. Different sequences of the same set of photographs can have different effects on the viewer. In Turkish photographer Korhan Karaoysal’s book Reason Purpose (Neden Amaç in Turkish), horizontal photographs are split in two. The left side of the page has half of one photograph and the right side has half of another, turning the book into a kind of visual puzzle.


The book is also a mix of black-and-white and color images, and when the halves are paired with each other, they create new images. Shot between 2007 and 2015 , during a time of great change in Turkey, the images capture group gatherings that highlight various aspects of Turkish society, culture and history; and the friction between the old and new. It’s an account of Turkey’s recent history designed in such a way that it keeps you engaged.

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Reason-Purpose, Korhan Karaoysal

Reason Purpose 

Ceremonies, celebrations and gathering from western Turkey,

Korhan Karaoysal


Korhan Karaoysal [PHOTOGRAPH] , Frederic LezmiOkay Karadayılar [DESIGN]

Paperback, Coated Paper
144 Pages, 62 Illustrations


December 2016

22.5 cm x 30cm

Shortlisted Books 2016