Deadline for the 4 days Photobook Workshop with Richard Reisen

is 4th of September! .


FUAM Workshop #10

4 Days Photobook Workshop

07-10 September 2019 



4 Days Photobook Workshop


07-10 September 2019


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Richard Reisen


Richard Reisen (born 1957) is a Bookdesigner, Lithographer and Publishing Agent based in Dusseldorf, Germany.


He worked about 35 years for the Advertising- and Publishing Industry. Until 2016 responsible for the photobook programme at Verlag Kettler he is now cooperating with Uitgeverei Lecturis, The Netherlands as with HGEsch Photography, Germany.



The Workshop


During this 4-day workshop, Richard Reisen will edit, create and produce together with the selected artists a unique photobook for each one. 

We are looking for photographers who have a coherent body of work and would like to present it in the form of a photobook.


The process


6 portfolios will be selected and 6 photobooks will be created from the scratch during the 4 days of the workshop.


Day 1 - Introductions

a. Small presentation of Richard Reisen: who is he. What has he done. 

b. Introduction of the workshop: what’s our expectations of the results,

why we chose to work with the selected photographers.

c. Participants will have 20 minutes to introduce themselves and their

projects to the group

d. Finally at the last 3 hour of the workshop we will have 30 min

individual meetings with each photographer, where to discuss first ideas and first steps. As projects are presented we will discuss and try to visualise each photobook. We will discuss materials, ways of printing and binding as well design ideas for each project.


Day 2 & 3 - Development

Both days will be fully dedicated to editing & sequencing & designing the photobooks. We will work both in groups as well as individually with each participant, making sure that all the time is used creatively for every participant.


Day 4 - Production

The 4th day of the workshop will be dedicated to printing and binding the zines. We will talk about printing techniques, limitations and advantages of digital printing as well as ways of binding.

The photobooks will be launched and displayed during the festival.



By submitting your application to the workshop you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the workshop. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before submitting your application.


1. There’s no age limit to apply to the workshop.


2. All international photobook lovers can apply.


3. Participants are expected to take part in all workshop schedule within the workshop program which is between 07-10 September 2019 at FUAM center in Istanbul Turkey. If you are not able to attend all program, other participants will be selected.


4. 6 participants will be chosen to the workshop, 2 from foreign countries and 4 from Turkish Republic citizens.


5. The workshop will be held in English.


6. Applications sent after the deadline which is 02. 09. 2019 will not be considered.


7. FUAM will announce the chosen participants and get in touch directly no later than 03. 10. 2019.


8. There’s no need to know indesign, there will be an operator to help you at FUAM. Also its not necessary to bring your own laptop, there are enough computers with all the software you needed (in english) for you to work in the FUAM Computer Lab.


9. The applicants who’re being chosen to the workshop have to transfer the workshop fee in 2 working days to finalize their registration.


10. Applicants who doesn't transfer the workshop fee in time or doesn't get in touch with FUAM shall be considered as not attending.


11. Selected and registered participants should bring small size prints of their projects as well as other related materials such as texts, sketches, special paper/leather/material etc.


13. The works of the participants should be ready in high resolution digital format and high quality for book printing. Participants who are working with film material should bring the scanned and the retouched files when they’re chosen to participate to the workshop.


14. The participants are expected to produce two copy of photobooks in the end of the workshop. FUAM will keep one copy of the final photobook dummy and the participants will take the other copy of the dummy. Printing costs to produce 2 photobook dummies are included within the tuition fee. 


15. Selected participant’s will be considered as the applicants to the 4. Edition of Istanbul Photobook Festival Dummy Book Award which will be held in 12-15 September 2019 without paying the application fee and the finished photobook dummies will be exhibited in the FUAM Dummy Books Exhibition during the Istanbul Photobook Festival.


16. The participants give right to FUAM for sharing their works for non commercial publicity purposes, always giving reference to artist’s name.


17. The photographs submitted for the application could be used in social media and on website of FUAM and Istanbul Photobook Festival.


18. Workshop fees: 300 € for Foreign applicants. 400 TL for Turkish citizens and 350 TL for Turkish students.

19. The workshop fee includes the production of 2 copies of dummy books ( approx: 40 €,) and direct participating to FUAM Dummy Book Award 2019 ( 30 €).


20. As the festival starts just some days after the workshop, we advice all foreign participants to stay a little more in Istanbul, not to miss the festival. Festival organisation can help you to find free accomodation for our participants after the workshops.




To apply to the workshop first fill in the online application form below and later send your application folder via wetransfer to, for any inquiries you can contact to FUAM with the e-mail:


You can apply with more than one project.




Please make sure that your application folder consist of your name, E-mail, Phone number, Short Bio and a short text On Your Project (Please provide some information on your project, the idea behind it, how long are you working on it etc. )


Photographs: Please upload 20-80 photos of your project (72pdi, high jpeg, max1024px on the longest side, size: max 500kb)


Thank you for your registration!